Raggedy Collection

Spring Collection

Fall - Winter Collection


The Fall-Winter Collection

This primitive candle collection currently includes beehives, apples, pumpkins and snowmen as shown below.
I have recently added: white pumpkins and gingerbread candels.
I'll have photos of the gingerbread candles posted soon.

Also in my Fall & Winter Collection are boy or girl Scarecrows in assorted colors.

Please visit the New page for latest designs.
Contact me for prices.

Scarecrows (boy or girl) average height is 7". Pumpkin Pie fragrance.

Hanging Crow ornament included.

White Pumpkin

Large Beehive, Small and Large Apple

Small Beehive, Large and Small Pumpkin
All are scented as follows:
  • Beehive - Orange Spice
  • Apple - Cinnamon Red Hots.
  • Pumpkin - Pumpkin Spice
Wooden handmade Bee is included with each Beehive.

Large Snowman, Small Snowman Head
Large Snowman, Small Snowman Head front row Large Snowman Head, Small Snowman
Large Snowman Head, Small Snowman

The above Snowmen are available in Vanilla or Candycane scent with a grubby or glitter finish.