Kings Club - Vincent Cigar Co. wood cigar box

This wood cigar box is longer than some and in very good shape. It has dove-tailed corners and an oval medallion on top that says "Kings Club" at the top, "Tampa, Fla." at the bottom and "Vincent Cigar Co." in the center. On the front just below the latch is the word "NATURALS". The only things I need to mention are that the latch doesn't seem to close just right even though the 2 sections match up, and there is a small strip of veneer missing on a bottom corner, and I do have a picture of that. Also you will see the residue of some white powder on the inside which I should have washed off before taking pictures, but it does come off real easily. (I've tested it since then.)The box measures 17 inches long, 5+3/8 inches wide and 2+5/8 inches high.

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