Vintage malted milk mixer - glass w/plunger

This is a well-aged classic piece of kitchen memorabilia. The glass jar is marked in 2 ounce increments from 2 oz. up to 12 oz. There is a line running all the way around with the inscription "DO NOT FILL ABOVE THIS LINE". The top of the lid says "MALTED MILK MIXER". The lid is pretty worn and rusty, which is what gives this item charm and age, and therefore of value to a real collector. (Just my opinion, of course, but I do think it's perfect just the way it is.) The lid fits snugly on the jar and the plunger works just fine. The jar by itself measures 6.5 inches high and 3+1/8 inches in diameter at the opening. There are no signs of chipping anywhere, and the very small cracks I see appear to be glass irregularities.

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